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Mayor Bloomberg shouted down Aug. 20, 2012 911 Tech Corruption 911 aka ECTP & CityTime! Look bottom of blog!

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

NYPD Won’t Release Stats Future Citizen Data NYPD App Tracker

 FYI the government whether you’re talking city state or federal has data bases and they can be turned over to citizens OK but it gets better we as citizens can fight back

Example: since I was a victim of a series of crimes from the doctors office to the 1st Precinct to One Police Plaza the DA looked away judges looked away and I can reported track it every violation of protocol every crime that was committed including NYPD at their desk and like NYPD Lt Lamboy Sex crimes unit he was protected every step of the way breaking laws by the Manhattan DA who knew that he lied about working on rapes  at the Manhattan DA when he didn’t and the same with One Police Plaza and the DA refused to prosecute him along with internal affairs top steering committee along with NYPD chief voice plus every politician we asked for help the fails us or does nothing every police agency that supposed to police the police like the civilian complaint review board, the Commission To Combat Police Corruption, the NYPD Inspector general even if they forward our cases they do not follow through because they are just passing the corruption book and they have to be held accountable and be forced to follow through on our cases! 

Every agency the police is the police the forwards our case has to give us a statistical report on where our case went and help with died because they’re passing our cases to internal affairs or the chief of Dept to die!

The NYPD don’t want to release stats because the violation of protocols and war crimes they have committed reflects chronic wrongdoing and the departments complicity.

The future will bring the citizens database that will track cases like mine were the NYPD broke was at their desk and how every government official and or agency that should’ve done something “saw something, did nothing” or “passed the corruption buck”. 

Every agency that was supposed to police the police past my case to internal affairs and or the chief of Dept  to die.  I asked NYPD IG Phillip Eure to follow up on my cases he forwarded to Internal Affairs but he refused.

 Ray Kelly and Charles Campisi taught me the NYPD fix crime like Las Vegas casino.

The crime stats are lite.  DI Ed Winski made a pile up of crimes disappear in my case including his and a gang  of NYPD he supervised their crimes disappears well they were all party to coercion lying and police reports bait switch and downgrade -  some of the detectives a broke laws or even Facebook friends with those that were party to coercion in my case!

 Bill Bratton, John Miller, and James and Neal, taught me to turn  broken windows back on the NYPD.

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@errollouis NYPD Stats NYPD hiding crimes!NYPD Inspector General Philip Eure and Tom Mahoney acknowledging wrong doing forwarded cases to Internal Affairs and refused to follow up like CCRB, CCPC they passed the corruption buck to IA (and CCRB Chief of Dept) to die

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Germany Rap Duo Anti-Jewish Lyrics Gets Award reminds me of Anti-Semitic NYPD Detective John Vergona who I believe his wife works for a gay Jew Calvin Klein. I asked Det Vergona breaking laws at his desk w/ Det Andy Dwyer r u anti-Semitic? He didn’t say no nytimes.com/2018/04/18/art…

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Bloomberg, Ray Kelly, Bratton, O’Neill, George Arzt etc don’t Murder they retaliate Daphne Caruana Galizia

Daphne Caruana Galizia's Notebook | Running Commentary - Daphne Caruana Galizia is a journalist working in Malta. | Daphne Caruana Galizia

Daphne Caruana Galisiza may   G-d send avenging angels the worst kind of karma against those who harmed you. I believe in Peace not violence. I believe in karma....

 I believe like most people around the world every color background what goes around comes around. I believe in karma! 

Not me -  blogger that’s a lot older who also has been campaign manager is a huge critic of George Arzt -  George yelled at him you will never work in the city!

 I have not been murdered but Ray Kelly Michael Bloomberg, Mike’s pal Steve RattnerZachary Carter and his predecessor, bill rudin, George Arzt, contractors and lobbyist etc open season harming NYC, NY with their greed and stupidity Rose Hill Hean and now Mark peters , Scott Stringer  all have involved in retaliation of some sort?

NYC gov corrupt  players sent a message it’s OK for the NYPD to protect horrific violent crimes if it involves a critic it’s OK to do running punched him I had a contract sexual salt violence mise including NYPD falsifying a police reports they been protected by three police commissioners three chief of department to heads of internal affairs etc

Yes I am lucky I am alive Dr Fagelman’s violent lying attack receptionist/office manager not fired Or arrested and I have her signed a letter to Detective Andrew Dwyer openly threatening me yet again (Lt Burgos) it’s a serious crime goes on anon zero rests and Zachary Carter’s been at the forefront protecting all these crimes have even asked judges to see say see something say something and who are judges who are judges but Holden to to get there judgeships

I alleged Joe Tacopina was so angry at me being a critic that he openly broke laws he threatened me a contract along with his partner who left out the cons aspect they threaten me during an open investigation and that’s a crime and then they created a false narrative which my attacker and her boss are attempting to use pretty much evidence proving that they’re liars these people have no shame no morals no integrity and they’ve sent the message violence towards me is OK - 

Mayor de Blasio is Bloomberg without billions....  

NYPD PO Schatz, Det Tommy Moran, DI Rd Winski, John Vergona and partner, det Andrew Dwyer, Lt Angelo Burgos, Lt Michael J Agnese, Sgt Mary O’Donnell, Sgt Chen  all involved in my case I believe are truly evil how many other victims of their evil

Mary O’Donnell was listed as a Christian NYPD? She is evil and confessing your sins to a priest is not a got out of jail free card.

These are evil people who think they are Teflon and some kid themselves there are good or absolved. They aren’t.

 The media has always used my work but they won’t tell my story but I wonder if I murdered will they tell my story or not?

Zachary Carter Aided and Abetted Crimes my Case, Lower East Side Nursing Home Ignores City Council Mr Evil Zachary Carter aka Redacto Shocked City Council Hires Legal Team

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Zachary Carter Aided Abetted NYPD Crimes my Case, Lower East Side Nursing Home Ignores City Council Mr Evil Zachary Carter aka Redacto Shocked City Council Hires Legal Team. Last night pain pain radiating down arm related to torn tendon supraspinatus + leg suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/04/zachar…

I am glad City Council did this I would like to be part of a group class action against Zachary Carter obstructing Justice.

Zachary Carter Aided and Abetted Crimes my Case, Lower East Side Nursing Home Ignores City Council Mr Evil Zachary Carter aka Redacto Shocked City Council Hires Legal Team —  Zachary Carter’s an evil person I really believe he’s evil along with Joe Tacopina know everyone involved in a doctors office where savagely assaulted my patient rights violated then my body everyone involved in the violence and lies from the doctors to the police and I ledge Joe Tacopina is in a sock puppet count on youtube cunt threat and  his partner Chad Seigel I allege also joined in  everyone involved if it’s their secretary Tara if she joined in obstructing justice party to their goals to threaten me harassed me a cunt threat I believe everyone involved will burn in hell if there’s a hell or get their karma on earth in G-d’s time including Zachary Carter an evil Man who is protected how many crimes committed by top brass on down from City Hall NYPD you name it it’s disgusting  indirectly protecting oligarch’s and oligarch wannabe’s, all criminals he makes sure have Teflon Above the law profiting -  what shocking is although Mark peters threaten Zachary Carter who was obstructing justice on the lower Eastside nursing home they’re both protecting a lot of crimes that are big technology crimes and off and NYPD were taking kickbacks like ECTP aka 911 and CityTime on going etc  

“...In March, the three Council members asked the corporation counsel, Zachary W. Carter, to represent them for the purpose of filing the brief or authorize them to hire outside counsel. Mr. Carter “denied the request by not responding to it,” according to the Council’s suit, and in doing so “committed an error of law and acted improperly, arbitrarily, capriciously, and unreasonably.”
The Council is represented in the case by the firm Emery Celli Brinckerhoff and Abady.
“The responsibility for representing the official position of the city in court is vested in the Corporation Counsel,” a Law Department spokesman said in a statement. “This fundamental principle — that a government must speak with one official voice in litigation — is true at every level of government — local, state and federal.”

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Wow Zachary Carter so evil he is like Charle Hynes and Cy Vance he sold his soul. Zachary Carter would not even answer City Council ignored them just like he obstructs Justice ignores blatant crimes my case and no statute on NYPD IA crimes etc suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/04/zachar…

Monday, April 16, 2018

NYPD so Corrupt Pat Lynch PBA Sqiurmimg to Squash Tip of the NYPD Iceberg?

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Police Union Tried To Block Publication Of NYPD Database #PBA has to protect NYPD criminals FYI Chief Boyce corrupt misogynist aided and abetted corrupt cops should be arrested before he ever gets a chance to retire w/ plenty of others! buzzfeed.com/kendalltaggart…

NYPD Ray Kelly, Bratton, James O’Neill Protect Massive Crime, Wrong Doing, Stealing Time CityTime, ECTP 911 Crooks, in Your Face Misogyny, Racism etc NYPD IA CCRB CCPC NYPD IG Sham

We all know I’m a victim of crimes from a rich doctors office to the police department and many of the crimes committed do not have a statute of limitation so I’m waiting for a new commission into police corruption however I came up with the idea of an NYPD database a citizen data base application  be applied to any government agency city state federal —  Prince and see if it was built and up and running other victims of the cops are broke laws in my case I would finally have the badge numbers because they would tell me the badge numbers that I’ve been withheld from me all these years,  we would know how many times the cop has been sued,  how many more cases were cops committed crimes at their desk like my case falsifying police reports threatening me coercing me at Cetera we get to what people perceive as murder we have stats on that etc 

 We would  have statistical reports  on every government agency that failed us every politician every judge everyone complicit from the dirtiest DAs in New York City and we know who they are they should be arrested and behind bars they have not even been forced to resign along with Zachary Carter !!!!!!

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
NYPD so Corrupt Pat Lynch PBA Sqiurmimg to Squash Tip of the NYPD Iceberg? We could take NYPD Data base of acknowledged NYPD crimes and with a Citzen’s NYPD App tracker report NYPD IA DA crimes Corp Counsel wrong doing gov agencies complicit etc suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com

ps Sean Hannity hitched himself to Trump and he has to be squirming as the FBI reads thru Trump’s lawyer’s flies. Hmmmm.  

 You get a clue about why certain news is killed micro macro...?

NYPD Ray Kelly, Bratton, James O’Neill Protect Massive Crime, Wrong Doing, Stealing Time CityTime, ECTP 911 Crooks, in Your Face Misogyny, Racism etc NYPD IA CCRB CCPC NYPD IG Sham

NYPD Ray Kelly, Bratton, James O’Neill Protect Massive Crime, Wrong Doing, Stealing Time CityTime, ECTP 911 Crooks, in Your Face Misogyny, Racism etc NYPD IA CCRB CCPC NYPD IG Sham

 Do you know how many government agencies employees are fully aware of this and are silent ?

My case one  of how many examples  retaliation anti-Semitism although the NYPD do you like Jews that grease their palms take time — my case like Prospect Park Rape case 0 Justice

Chief Boyce  was expose yet again his misogyny his in-your-face corruption he participated in crimes in my case, in the sex crimes unit Lt Lamboy case as exposed by the NYDN along with. Cy Vance  and just like Zachary Carter they are not forced to resign and they are not arrested for obstructing justice include John Miller and that for instance as well he obstructed justice because of his lies and wrong doing a rapist went out and raped more women why aren’t they arrested same for the cops in my case they obstructed justice they committed crimes at their desk they falsified police reports their Facebook friends are involved in this cops from the 1st Precinct where the arrests I’m sure I’m not the only victim and Chief Reznick, Boyce, 3 PC Kelly, o’Neill, Bratton act like Irish American Mafia, Campisi, Esposito, Banks —  when it comes to corruption it’s the blue wall of corruption the cities going to hell in a hand basket people are leaving in droves under Michael Bloomberg and mayor  de Blasio because  corruption is rampant real estate, politicians, the city all kinds of kickbacks and no one is reporting the people are leaving interrupts just like they did Andrew Michael Bloomberg — It’s interesting who is growing richer which lobbyists and they’re involved all the way with politicians like Charles Hynes for instants who supposed to face to grand jury’s

I think George artz we’re call George farts  should be questioned under oath along with Charles Hynes, Cy Vance, Steve Ratner pleaded the 5th 64 Times, Hank Sheinkopf pleaded the 5th almost as many times etc, Rudy Giuliani  and deputy  mayors turn lobbyists,,  and all the politicians that George has been involved with I’d like questions under oath for the top NYPD brass, internal affairs including their steering committee as reported by the New York Daily News corrupt along with Chief Boyce Cha

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@RocNation @MeekMill Joe Tacopina mr vendetta himself has not denied he broke the law in my case cunt threat to turn the tables which Dirty Corrupt NYPD acted on. Joe Tacopina brags he got an Abner Louima cop off & NYPD Rape Cops. Joe is bad karma bad news hell bound. …nachadseigelvenusflytrap.blogspot.com/2013/08/joe-ta…
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@Comey I believe $ funneled to Cy Vance, Clinton Foundation in return Cy Vance sent in a woman ADA asked to lower Jeffrey Epstein sex pred status so he could fly where anywhere he wants without having to register. Ironic Trump, Clinton, Epstein all predators w/ pimps & NYPD on payroll?

 Judge Allison Nathan appointed by Bill Clinton let cops are broke laws off in my case and another case that preceded mine where a retired cop bribed and NYPD Sgt Mary says the NYPD database and Judge Allison Nathan fixed it so the corrupt retired cop did not go to jail

 The way the rich off and work is to have a retired cop on their payroll or more than one and then phone calls are made to the precinct or to One Police Plaza to get fixing in favors palms are greased one way or another it can be with money and invitation to a party or barter for instants a medical doctor could find ways to give cops pain killers, Viagra, human growth hormone which is banned by the NYPD along with steroids

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
I just helped a big tall Black man I gave him a subway ride yes I said yes because I fear for his safety fear the NYPD could kill him like Eric Garner. We have NYPD breaking laws in my case at their desk Bratton, Ray Kelly, O’Neill taught me turn broken windows back on the #NYPD
Reminder Al Sharpton’s viagra Was found in Sandy’s apartment after he was accused of rape  I believe he did because the woman was drunk and she ended up bleeding she had no idea it was sent to her when she was unconscious and Cy Vance protected all crimes as ususal and why...?

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@Google @netflix I’m just curious how DuckDuckGo can omit fake news versus google omits any critical voices — big difference. Having a critical voice, and questioning is not fake news. How come DuckDuckGo can tell the difference but Google can’t?

The traffic on my Blog  has suddenly mysteriously dropped and I’m concerned Google has more to do with that than anything else so please share my blog with as many people as possible tell them I don’t know grammar or syntax I’m traumatized it seems like stream of consciousness but I make interesting points and ask interesting questions down I?

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Gay Rights Lawyer Self Immolates Protest Fossil fuels NYC death toll Mayor de Blasio too many deaths including killed by NYPD and too many People also killing them selves in Protest newest Famous Gay Rights #LGBT lawyer to Taxi driver NYC death toll/exodus inquisitr.com/4867563/gay-ri…

It is also amazing to me that my videos/YouTube’s have been used by news media around the world including the biggest newspapers like the New York Times my first letter was ever published in the financial times comparing my artwork to Lucian Freud’s and help women don’t have equal rights we’re not even safe and then was it 11 years later but I’m physically violated I’m not safe at a doctors in Soho the doctors a urologist I went to go see a dermatologist and I left with a hole in my retina a violent attack my body touched everywhere including my vaginal area and the NYPD got off on it it was a big it is also amazing to me that my videos/YouTube’s have been used by news media around the world including the biggest newspapers like the New York Times my first letter was ever published in the financial times comparing my artwork to Lucian Freud‘s and how women don’t have equal rights we’re not even safe and then was it 11 years later but I’m physically violated I’m not safe at a doctors in Soho the doctors a urologist I went to go see a dermatologist and I left with a hole in my redneck a violent attack my body touched everywhere including my vaginal area and the NYPD got off on it it and joined in breaking laws protected  Buy three police commissioners the internal affairs steering committee internal affairs chiefs including Boyce mirrored what NYDN  reported on sex crimes unit Lieutenant Lamboy
o arrests.

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@Comey James Comey does Putin has golden shower Trump videos? Putin may have video of Trump, Bill Clinton, and their try anything pal Jeffrey Epstein. Rich men fly in to countries were child predators welcome add Jeff’s buddy Kevin Spacey Clintons invited Epstein’s Pimp to their wedding
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@Google @netflix I allege Google allows fake news about me stolen images of me used by woman posing as a news agency. The NY Times reported she assaulted a police office and was also was arrested for allegedly trying to run over a child. DuckDuckGo omits her fake news so Google agenda is do harm?
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@DuckDuckGo @yegg I’ve switch to DuckDuckGo my iPhone I do have Google search engine secondary. I’m alleging Google YouTube Blogger doing to me what was done to Nasim Aghdam so many others victims my blogger stats dropped, took away my youtube partnship etc CENSORSHIP retaliation but I’m peaceful

Friday, April 13, 2018

Dame Sheldrick Winston Churchill of Elephants Passed Away April 12 Heartbroken

Dame Sheldrick was the Winston Churchill of Elephants Dame Sheldrick never ever gave up on an orphan any species. She also helped educate and employ so many People and she is now working from Heaven multi tasking from her special place in Heaven. I am heartbroken.

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@yashar @DSWT Dame Daphne Sheldrick so beautiful so loving hugest heart The Winston Churchill of Elephants. She never ever gave up she is with us all the Elephants Rhinos etc in Spirit plenty are w/ her and David in Heaven! She educated she created jobs she did so much so many fronts on going

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Dame Sheldrick The Winston Churchill of Elephants and all wildlife and she helped People too! The mass senseless slaughter of so many the death toll was enough to crush a human spirit but not Sheldrick. She never gave up. She is now helping from Heaven suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/04/dame-s…

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 I made a donation yesterday in memory of Dame Sheldrick...

How to Help from the USA

please excuse terrible typos sent 
from my iPhone

 I was going to visit Kenya and the Sheldrick orphanage  this year but I realize I was to traumatize from violence and lies at Dr Andrew Fagelman’s.  

NYPD James O’Neill CCRB Fairy Tale Rings as True as NYPD Community Relations Ads

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill @NYPDnews @NYPDChiefofDept NYPD Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill fairy tale piece on CCRB rings as true as his “community relations” ads. NYPD Crime Stats & CCRB do have 1 thing in common the fix is in like a Las Vegas Casino. Internal Affairs too corrupt to police the police IA can’t policing itself!

Internal Affairs cannot police the police and IA can’t police IA! 

 Really just nauseating sickening and insulting… Every agency that’s supposed to police the police has failed New Yorkers as they stuff their pockets with cash and pad their pensions easy to do both with flawed payroll system CityTime a Rudy Giuliani nightmare — his 3rd wife former mistress  can divorce him but tax payers can’t divorce his crappy payroll system  and crooked crops are using CityTime  to steal when they aren’t breaking laws at their desk if they bother to show up at all when they’re cleaning overtime like sex crimes unit Lieutenant Lamboy.  

Thanks to Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg if you’re a dirty cop and you want to steal overtime or your corrupt employee you  just have to use a pencil CityTime  or get a corrupt supervisor pal with a pencil to help you to steal time...   ?

 It’s amazing to me that Jimmy O’Neill has not been forced to resign long with John Miller, Cy Vance and Zachary Carter and our mayor Bill de Blasio, Scott Stringer and George Arzt -  oh that’s right George Artz is not actually a government employee he just cash in any way he can  what is George farts doing with all that money it’s hard to believe he hasn’t broken the law one or two or three or four or five times like his pal Charles Hynes who dodged 2 grand juries and jail time?
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill @NYPDnews @NYPDChiefofDept CCRB, CCPC, NYPD IG all forwarded my case NYPD committed crimes, violated protocol/CPR to Chief of Dept/IA to die. CCRB 5yrs ask takeBK question under oath. All should follow-up disclose! John Miller PP Rape, Sex Crimes Lt Lamboy, my case etc top brass party obstructing Justice

NYPD Sex Crimes Lt Lamboy Stole Overtime CityTime Dept of Investigation Whistleblower Law Link Broken DOI Betrays Whistleblowers?

 If you haven’t demanded  the Manhattan DA resign then you don’t care about rapes, sex abuse and corruption at 1 Hogan Place (Cy’s office).

You haven’t demanded Cy Vance, James O’Neill, John Miller, Chief Boyce who refused to do anything about Lt Lamboy and Resign  Chief Reznick take your corrupt Internal Affairs steering committee that let Lamboy off and go to jail with Lamboy! Resign you are not a feminist.

NYC Rape Central and ask Cy Vance  for full transparency who inside the Manhattan DA which top official (allegedly?) sexually assaulted an intern and what is the status of this man now where is he who is he why don’t we know anything more about the story?

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@PreetBharara Cy Vance dirty DA refused to prosecute CityTime & ECTP aka 911 tech corruption. Preet Bharara refused to prosecute any corruption inside NYCgov CityTime so on going stealing NYPD Lt Lamboy sex crimes etc easy stole overtime CityTime Preet Protected Rudy/Bloomberg, Gill Hearn, etc

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James O’Neill’s responses to CCRB are like his “NYPD Community relations” advertisements — an offense and disconnect with reality.

NYPD in my case broke laws at their desks with supervisor violating protocols and CPR (Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect).

CCRB, NYPD, NYPD IG simply forward our cases to die.  How about statistical reports with flow charts.  All agencies refuse to follow up once they forward our cases to die so I ask CCRB every year year after year this year will be your six to take back my case so the cops will be questioned under oath - but CCRB refuses continuing to pass the corruption buck.

Suzannah B. Troy

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Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Giuliani wife #3/mistress divorcing Rudy but NYC tax payers can’t divorce the damage Rudy inflicted CityTime boondoggle NYPD Lt Lamboy sex crimes lied he worked on RAPE cases at DA Cy Vance office & 1PP Cy Vance refused to prosecute ditto how many others? suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com

Sunday, April 8, 2018

NYPD Sex Crimes Lt Lamboy Stole Overtime CityTime Dept of Investigation Whistleblower Law Link Broken DOI Betrays Whistleblowers?

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
NYCgov Dept Of investigation spent a lot of money advertising but their link for the “whistleblower law” is broken...! Any whistleblowers paid financial reward for CityTime? NYPD Lt Lamboy reminds us it takes a pencil to steal overtime CityTime 911 aka ECTP bigger crime 0 arrests pic.twitter.com/dnGms7Pb2r

New York City Councilman Ritchie Torres accused City Hall’s top lawyer, Zachary Carter, of carrying out a political vendetta against city Department of Investigation Commissioner Mark Peters on behalf of de Blasio, The New York Times writes.

I guess Richard Torres didn’t notice that Zachary Carter chronically protects NYPD crimes and that he would Redacted documents on The lower Eastside nursing home and rumor is other cases he was obstructing justice he’s obstructed justice in my case he’s evil he and his lawyers  lie in court and before G-d.   It’s amazing to me that Zachary Carter wasn’t forced to resign after the lower Eastside nursing scandal and I believe that he committed perjury in front of City Council not that anyone’s paying any attention or cares.  Cy Vance and Zachary Carter  belong in jail with the corrupt cops safe protected.

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@PreetBharara Cy Vance dirty DA refused to prosecute CityTime & ECTP aka 911 tech corruption. Preet Bharara refused to prosecute any corruption inside NYCgov CityTime so on going stealing NYPD Lt Lamboy sex crimes etc easy stole overtime CityTime Preet Protected Rudy/Bloomberg, Gill Hearn, etc

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Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Yom Hashoah: Holocaust Memorial Day. Last night celebrated 95th birthday of my friend an Auschwitz survivor. He looks amazing. Such a wonderful person surrounded by family all know the violence I endured what happened NYC 2012 MD’s office on going myjewishlearning.com/article/yom-ha…

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
CityTime junk Bloomberg should have thrownaway easy2 steal overtime ask NYPD! ECTP aka 911 tech stealing 1st HP! Still cannot text! 911 NYPD took lavish gifts only 60.5 Million tax $ returned 0 arrests NYPD 2nd CommdCtr top secret to coverup! George Arzt was lobbyist HP thieves?

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
NYPD Sex Crimes Lt Lamboy stole overtime w/ Giuliani payroll mess aka CityTime Bloomberg, Rose Gill Hearn DOI, DOITT knew it. Rudy’s deputies lobbyists SAIC! Record # women DOITT sued City under Mike? Mayor de Blasio NYPD steal CityTime killing more than time breaking laws Teflon

Former NYPD cops busted for $1.4M disability fraud

 Has the city ever paid a whistleblower ???   

 It’s not just the link that’s broken, the corruption in New York City government inside City Hall, inside the comptrollers office inside the NYPD dirty deals are broken no arrests  and every whistleblower knows Dept Of investigation and internal protect  are not going to protect whistleblowers. 

 Scott Stringer brokered the dirtiest deal with you let Packard a 911 only $10.5 million was returned and they were the lead contractors that open the door open Season to overfill deliver late and deliver crap .There were see if tech titanic’s under mayor Michael Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearn, Mark Peters  and Scott Stringer made sure To keep the whistleblower law link broken I’m asking of course metaphorically  add internal fares staring committee mayor/mayors and the police commissioners —-  when you protect corruption at the level it’s being protected it means the city is going to go bankrupt they’re going to be other consequences what’s amazing to me since people are so arrogant they think that they will never be touched or Teflon and there are no consequences for their  complicity including Zachary Carter who is redacted documents and the lower Eastside nursing home and lied in legal documents for cops are broke laws in my case and how many other cases ?????

Mayor de Blasio, Cy Vance pay to play corrupt NYPD
Mayor de Blasio personally solicited donations from James Capalino, then the city’s biggest lobbyist — who in turn got a personal sit-down with the mayor for nine of his clients, a bombshell report released Monday charged.

John Liu  has gone silent but at least he asked the Manhattan DA to prosecute CityTime and RCTP aka 911 tech corruption  under mayor Michael Bloomberg and the corruption is still haunting us we only know about the payroll system failing us but I believe if they were investigative reporters we would learn more about the scandal of 911, 311 many other tech problems  and surprise surprise there often tied to the New York pensions!

Cy Vance  refused to prosecute any cases the tide people funneling money to him  and he protected top cops taking lavish gifts as contractors over billrd on 911.

Preet Bharara did Cy’s job but to please Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearn who did an infomercial on CityTile on NY1 —  The US attorney refused to prosecute any government employees involved in the corruption so surprise surprise  The NYPD not just one lieutenant in the sex crimes unit there’s more but the New York Daily News reported and I’m sure there’s more than that that of been stealing overtime and padding their pensions  because city time is a hunk of junk and who gave us this hunk of junk — Giuliani and his guys deputy mayors turn lobbyists pushed SAIC like a drug king pin  pushes her with no rests US attorneys in GA Stone arrest lobbyist to New York City anyway but look at the lobbyist for the tech contract starting with 911 when Hewlett-Packard comes in and takes over lead contractor!

Reminder the FDNY dumped their 911 tech because it was junk...

 If Mark peters going to be forced out he should do the right thing before he is forced out and by the way I agreed to false arrest twice for running punched my ad as I held my bags my arm numb from two injections the cops broke laws in my case at their desks with their supervisors and the commander of the 1st Precinct and top brass protected them like they protected Lt Lamboy.

 Waiting for arrests in my case of the cops are broke was at their desk as well as others involved...  certain crimes that were committed there’s the statue of limitations...

 Giuliani/Bloomberg : CityTime  Destined  for the dumpster —  You want to steal overtime just use a pencil

Bloomberg: ECTP — 911  you can’t even send a text —

311  cost of fortune and it’s not worth it could you Magent some of that money have been diverted to the subways for the streets were hospitals or schools...?

 The level of corruption fraud crime that goes on that is Teflon in the city is shocking crimes committed at their desk or in the streets by government employees that are Teflon ... 

NYPD look inside NYPD Chief Essig Son Teflon for Groping Woman Teflon cards for ALL misogynist and NYPD IA Crooks as Often as Possible DA Cy Vance Chief Boyce GUILTY Too PCs etc

Online cunt threat Google YouTube (Oct 7, 2012 forwarded to corrupt evil det John Vergona and he and his co-workers and bosses acted on the threat) says contact NYPD look inside NYPD Chief Essig Son Teflon for Groping Woman Teflon cards for ALL misogynist and  NYPD IA crooks especially if daddy a boss like Chuck Dowd, Joe Essig, Fix is in my case, John Miller PP Rape etc

  I was retaliated against for blowing the  whistling NYPD Eugene Schatz  The Mercer Hotel up the street from where I was assaulted Corrupt detectives John Vergona and Detective Andrew Dwyer their Facebook friends w Schatz and Det Moran imagine Facebook friends a group dirty cop city fixing in favors for the rich People —

Corrupt cops brazenly no fear of jail openly Facebook friends and I had also gotten one of mayor Bloomberg’s bodyguards in trouble for violating protocol they are so corrupt they all violate protocol I don’t have their badge numbers  and I have what are you recently from the sex crimes unit to text if a woman also violating protocol quote on audio, have 1st Precinct police officer Magori and Sergeant Chen 1st precinct det squad  audio proving that violated protocol -  any of them punished no instead they get promoted they get to pad their pensions I want to know if they stole overtime and Padded their pensions using CityTime like Lt Lamboy Of the sex crimes unit who is not arrested and fired for stealing time lying about working on overtime on RAPE case  at the Manhattan DA when he wasn’t and Cy Vance refused to prosecute him like he, ADA Tiana Walton and Joan Illuzzi refused to prosecute the Dirty cops that broke laws in my case. Chief Boyce  protected all crimes in my case just like he protected Lt Lamboy of the sex  crime 

Cy Vance  it’s amazing to me he has not been arrested or at least forced to resign mean he and Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes  Siri face grand jury is and they should’ve already been in jail but they’re not along with all the people they do fixing in favors for ditto NYPD Internal Affairs  they break the law they protect crimes why aren’t they arrested where’s a permanent new commission into NYPD internal fares and DA corruption and throwing corporate counsel corruption Zachary card or obstructed justice on the lower Eastside nursing home and how many cases were NYPD broke laws ?

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)

US Attorney Southern District Preet Bharara, FBI NY (“FBI”), NYPD Brass Ray Kelly,  Bratton, O’Neill, Campisi, Reznick relieved comments disabled goal to cover  up fact NYPD IA Fixing crimes like a Las Vegas Casino at their doorstep my case, Lt Lamboy etc https://youtu.be/0j49A-JHBEs

US Attorney Preet Bharara, FBI NY (“FBI”), NYPD Brass Ray Kelly,  Bratton, O’Neill, Campisi, Reznick relieved comments disabled goal to cover  up fact NYPD IA Fixing crimes like a Las Vegas Casino at their doorstep my case, NYPD sex Crimes Lt Lamboy etc https://youtu.be/0j49A-JHBEs

 The NYPD 10 bullets into a mentally ill man and many New Yorkers feel the shooting was unjustified 10 bullets on justified but the New York Daily News and the New York Post find the minority who says yeah they were justified to murder him let’s ask these people under oath do you really think they were justified to kill him ...

Cy Vance Dirty DA Exposed on Netflix “Abacus” Next “Flash Boys” the film Will Excoriate

Watch Netflix film “Abacus” Exposes Corrupt Racist Dirty DA Cy Vance too big too fail wait for “Flash Boys” the film Teflon Goldman Sachs owns Dirty Cy Vance my oral argument First Division tell Judges Victims of NYPD Dirty DA Corruption end up on Netflix https://youtu.be/vXx5eXRY9vI

It’s just startling  to me that he Cy Vance has not been forced to resign (along w/ Bill de Blasio, Zachary Carter and the current police commissioner along w/ predecessor and cohort chiefs) and that’s because so many rich people of funnel money to him  they keep them in place it’s really disgusting and “flash boys”  I hope Film will win an Oscar for best movie when he gets made into film exposing the dirty corrupt DA the Pay To Rape DA — pay to implode Wall Street and who does he Cy Vance pick a Chinese bank —  Cy Vance protected the big banks that were too big to fail and went for a bank small enough to Jail except they weren’t guilty!

Racist Corrupt DA Cy Vance Goldman Sachs Teflon Exposed in Netflix Film “Abacus” Cy Also Pay To Rape DA

Resign Cy Vance Pay to Play Racist Misogynist DA!: Cy Vance Racist Corrupt DA owned By Goldman Sach “Flash Boys” Exposed on Netflix Film “Abacus”

Saturday, April 7, 2018

NYPD PC O’Neill Protects Crooked Chief Boyce justifying 10 Bullets as Fake NYPD Community Ads Run Another Black Man Dead

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill @NYPDChiefofDept Shooting unarmed Black man didn’t need 10 bullets aren’t u good enough to do one shot to the arm? No. U r not! u don’t respect us disdain so OK to kill us or break laws like in my case! There wasn’t 1 report of actual gun shot because there were no gunshots until NYPD showed up

 In my case I was savagely assaulted at the doctors and the doctor Dr Fagelman  did not fire his violent lying employee who violated my patient rights my body repeatedly Delita Hooks lied to the police took an open investigation which is a crime is a lot more I want to tell you but I can’t tell you now I’ll get into that later.    I filed a complaint but she didn’t until she learned I’d gone to the police they took me almost 5 years or five years to get Delita Hooks signed letter to Detective Andrew Dwyer where she openly threatens me again. )Google Dr Fagelman assault watch the youtube) and warned me not to come back for show file another false cross-complaint against me watch the video it’s a one way attack and I’m a patient who had a cyst removed and was holding a whole bunch of bags my left arm was numb from two injections and she did a running punch to my head a hole in my retina! Not fired or arrest in rich Soho Tribeca area where Dr Fagelman’s  specialty is urology and I was treated like the Prospect Park Rae picked him NYPD didn’t like me so they were willing to break laws and they did it at their desks And they sure did the doctor favor since  he did not fire his violent lying employee!

NYPD Internal Affairs Broke Laws I sued Pro Se No Law Degree for years now I’m Looking for a Lawyer

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@Beyonce O’Neill de Blasio Chief Boyce Reznick gang busy protecting NYPD crimes internal affairs crimes push fake ad “relations” selling lies community sees NYPD as criminals testiLIE, TAKE LIVES, fabricate police reports! My case NYPD IA broke laws at their desks!

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill @NYPDChiefofDept @NYPDFIRSTDEP @TheIACP @NYPDnews @NYPDDetectives @MjrCitiesChiefs @NYPDChiefPatrol @NYCPBA @MarcSantia4NY @NYPDCT I don’t know how u, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Winski sued how many times, rich urologist MD live w/urselves? Raised to lie blame victims if you didn’t like someone it’s OK to break laws it’s OK to threaten them, lie goal make them drop charges against their will falsify police reports?

Download the T

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill @NYPDChiefofDept @NYPDFIRSTDEP @TheIACP @NYPDnews @NYPDDetectives @MjrCitiesChiefs @NYPDChiefPatrol @NYCPBA @MarcSantia4NY @NYPDCT There’s no doubt after I was savagely assaulted at rich MD’s Soho someone repping NYPD tweeted I defend Black People poetic justice #dumbcuntlivesmatter? That is why Boyce, John Miller, all NYPD IA my case broke laws at their desk not fired. U don’t like us all crimes welcome.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

City NYPD Internal Affairs Broke Laws I sued Pro Se No Law Degree for years now I’m Looking for a Lawyer

The city was negligent/complicit in my case the NYPD Internal Affairs broke laws and 4 courts  let them get away with it but I didn’t have a lawyer so now I’m looking for a lawyer - Eric Garner is dead he and I started out as pro se litigants - 

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
My case the crimes they committed from Dr Fagelman office lying to NYPD, to the NYPD Internal Affairs top cops obstructing JUSTICE no statute of limitations anyone involved threatening me including on YouTube during an open investigation no statute of limitation on those crimes!
Troy v City of New York 

 It’s mind blowing to me these cops broke laws they broke was at their desk it exactly mirrors the New York daily news reporting on Lieutenant Lamboy  of the sex crimes unit and how every division protected his blatant crimes even the  Manhattan DA.

 I know it’s like trying to get into Harvard because the NYPD break was every day lawyers are overwhelmed with cases so mine is not the most desirable because I sued all these years by myself but I’m praying somehow someway I can find a lawyer or be part of group lawsuits including FOIL.

O’Neill IA steering committee ok w/audio sex crimes det ok w/ felt like Det Vergona put a gun 2my head + det violated protocols! Listen to audio sex crimes detective https://youtu.be/RGRZkQujVI0 audio 01 prevents me from reporting crime https://youtu.be/syrc3ncHFTI IA Sgt O’Donnell  https://youtu.be/mVZC1W-aqgsshe had attacker’s signed letter Delita Hooks threatens me signed ltr in response to Kuby’s letter. 


Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@EDNYnews @NYC_DOI @NewYorkFBI @OIGUSDA Ask Chief Banks, Lt Gannon about my case also call set Eric Garner death in motion. Ask Ray Kelly, Campisi, Esposito, Banks, Pulaski, Reznick, IA Steering Commitee, Bratton, O’Neill other NYPD IA broke laws like Lt Lamboy & cops my case? Any stealing time CityTime pad Pensions?
What about my case?   Hmmmm 
The NYPD top brass treat me like the prospect park rape victim it’s OK to break laws because they don’t like me. 

Zachary Carter also guilty all these years protecting crimes in my case along with Ray Kelly, Bill Bratton and james 0’neill The same top brass and dirty DA protected NYPD Lieutenant Lamboy of sex crimes unit

To contact me:


ps  everyone tells me there is a higher court the highest what goes around comes around and everyone involved in the violence and lies will be punished it’s just simple karma you just have to be patient it doesn’t happen in my time it happens in G-d’s Time.

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill @NYPDChiefofDept @NYPDFIRSTDEP @TheIACP @NYPDnews @NYPDDetectives @MjrCitiesChiefs @NYPDChiefPatrol @NYCPBA @MarcSantia4NY @NYPDCT Chief Boyce was exposed breaking the law protecting NYPD Lt Lamboy stealing $ overtime lying he worked on s rape case at the DA’s & 1PP! Chief Boyce obstructed Justice w/ Zachary Carter & IA my case. Now Boyce selling lying NYPD had no choice but to shoot a mentally ill man 10xs!

* New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio defended the NYPD in the face of questions about why police shot and killed a Brooklyn man who was known in the neighborhood to be mentally ill, noting that Saheed Vassell was pointing what looked like a gun at pedestrians, the New York Post reports.

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
My case the crimes they committed from Dr Fagelman office lying to NYPD, to the NYPD Internal Affairs top cops obstructing JUSTICE no statute of limitations anyone involved threatening me including on YouTube during an open investigation no statute of limitation on those crimes!

The NYPD called professional liars sociopathic agency.  So  what is that make Zachary Carter?

“The department's tactics were "symptomatic in microcosm of an NYPD that is diseased and hollow, but which unaccountably manages to project a shiny image of professionalism and competence to the world," he wrote.

The NYPD had shown contempt for the state legislature, Mendez, and the people it serves, Thompson wrote, calling the department a "sociopathic agency."
The Law Department and NYPD did not comment.”
NYDN NYPD kill another Black man not de Blasio’s son and de Blasio still has not shared Eric Garner’s handwritten lawsuit...


Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Fire Susan Wojcicki Class Action Lawsuits? Class Action lawsuits Google YouTube censorship etc. open season verbally sexually assault threaten us using multiple sock puppet accounts on YouTube enabled by Google YouTube! #misogyny #sexism #discrimination googlecensorshipattempts.blogspot.com/2018/04/fire-s…
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill @NYPDChiefofDept @NYPDFIRSTDEP @TheIACP @NYPDnews @NYPDDetectives @MjrCitiesChiefs @NYPDChiefPatrol @NYCPBA @MarcSantia4NY @NYPDCT “They(#NYPD) don’t want to bridge the gap between us, they want to kill us,” the woman said.
nypost.com/2018/04/04/cop… James O’Neill, Bratton, Ray Kelly, Cy Vance, Zachary Carter complicit NYPD IA Crimes! O’Neill promotes/protects NYPD broke laws in my case. NYPD ads a big lie too!

Suzannah Troy Oral Arguement First Division Footage Goal Documentaries NYPD App Tracker Hold City Accountable -  that is my hope and I can’t get over watching Khalif Browder is 50-H hearing on Netflix-  just another documentation of horrific wrong doing with the city did to him a traumatize person those questions are ridiculous inappropriate and have nothing to do with the fact that the city and how many abusers were guilty ?????

 It should be noted that my YouTube’s are one big YouTube documentary with sub documentaries and people who make films or do you have use my work in their films or re-created it or were inspired by it make them work so I think it’s reasonable to believe that documentary filmmakers will use this video that you can see below on the first division is very own website to expose New York City corruption wrong doing NYPD correction in my case retaliation in my case for being a whistleblower  ...including CityTime, ECTP 911 tech biggest corruption, 311  another taxpayer Titanic that’s not worth the money that’s been sunk into it, etc  as well as the oligarchs second make off with big money oligarchs not oligarch wannabes etc

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@AP Can the People of NYC join in suing divorce “The Myth of Rudy” ex. Rudy threw out AutoTime for tech titanic CityTime NYPD Lt Lamboy sex crimes stole “time” CityTime lied working for Cy Vance on Rape Rudy & Deputies turned lobbyists profited as SAIC raped tax payers CityTime crap!


Thank you, I am back at home and watched the full video. that took a lot of courage.”

“ I just watched - I think I've said before how much I respect and admire your courage and persistence - I say it again today”

You did well, Suzannah. The truth will come out. God bless. -Joe

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
I pray Zachary Carter all Corp Counsel NYPD IA all who lied everyone involved in violence lies threats my case from MD office to NYPD IA to the city officials top NYPD protected the crimes may you be arrested may you get your karma evil come back to you nypost.com/2018/03/09/cit…

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
New York passes bill barring cops including a gov agency usually above the law Teflon called NYPD from having sex with people they arrested and handcuffed. The NYPD can of course still rape and intimidate victims in to silence as usual no law stopping that nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-pa…

March 27 update:

The NYPD’s Special Victims Division is woefully understaffed and undertrained despite a recent surge in cases, according to a blistering new report that also criticizes misogynist Commissioner James O’Neill for giving out inaccurate information, the New York Post reports.
O’Neill  did not fire John Miller and promoted Captain Pete rose he’s a misogynist anti-semitic corrupt dirty cop he protected terrible crimes my case along with Chief Boyce, Reznick, Ray Kelly, Campisi, Pulaski, Banks, Esposito 

NYPD to post discipline records online, won’t reveal names - ridiculous- they are city employees post their names


Whistleblower dishes on NYPD turning blind eye to drugs, hookers in my case The clique included commanding officer Deputy Ed Winski - 1st Precinct caters to the rich and is willing to break laws if you go look at the Mercer hotel right now they use the loading and unloading as private parking with valet service I’ve come to believe there is a powerful retired cop on the payroll of the Mercer hotel and internal affairs and top brass 1 police plaza IA  has been protecting this relationship as well as Winski and gang fixing crimes for years - 01 for rich of Soho tribeca 

Mayors, City, NYPD, DA for sale  and sometimes money is not even required...

Singh testified that he’s telling the truth about bribing de Blasio and making illegal donations on his behalf, but the mayor says he’s full of it, with de Blasio calling the notion “ridiculous,” the Daily News writes.

Cy Vance did not prosecute  Bill because the DA takes donations in exchange for not prosecuting and the US attorney Preet Bharara  for his political future look the other way it’s also why he didn’t prosecute crooks CityTime and Cy Vance refused to prosecute 911 aka ECTP tech crooks, CityTime  and in this how and why NYPD are openly stealing time CityTime and padding  their income and their pensions are protected But I agreed to false arrest twice for running punched my head my taco broken so many laws it’s unbelievable and so did the cops and Internal Affairs Drugs and Zachary Carter’s protecting these crimes that makes him complicit  along with top cops and several divisions inside internal affairs did division that investigates crimes inside internal affairs, the integrity division   etc

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@jdavidgoodman Zachary Carter, audios: sex crimes det & IA Sgt Mary O’Donnell reveal City NYPD Internal Affairs strategy bait switch downgrade all crimes including NYPD IA crimes to 0crimes use Kuby letter. My attacker’s signed letter in response threatens me like cunt threat turn tables on me!

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@jdavidgoodman Did NYPD Lt Lamboy steal time like Karen Shaffer Deputy Commissioner of aging did using a pencil? What about NYPD, Internal Affairs my case they broke laws at their desk falsified police reports downgraded all crimes to 0 crimes; did they steal time CityTime pad their pensions?

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@jdavidgoodman Zachary Carter, audios: sex crimes det & IA Sgt Mary O’Donnell reveal City NYPD Internal Affairs strategy bait switch downgrade all crimes including NYPD IA crimes to 0crimes use Kuby letter. My attacker’s signed letter in response threatens me like cunt threat turn tables on me!

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
I fell on my left knee right wrist. Happy I can walk, can’t imagine life unable to walk. I endured a running punch to my head chronic severe insomnia stress could lead to neurological problems? Google “Dr Fagelman assault” youtube violence lies suppose to be safe at MD office pic.twitter.com/lAfRJ3IgQS

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
2 men charged fatally stabbed 85 yr old French Jewish woman 11xs. She survived Holocaust – Paris prosecutors say the death is being probed as an “anti-Semitic murder.”

She escaped roundup to ship Jews to Auschwitz. NYC DA IA protect anti-Semitism my case nypost.com/2018/03/27/two…

Ramarley Graham’s mom says NYPD spread bogus tale about his death - NY Daily News


NYPD Committed Crimes My Case, Jose LaSalle’s Case + Dead  Eric Garner, Erica, Kalief Browder as Zachary Carter Ray Kelly, Bratton, O’Neill protects crimes wrong doing Prospect Park Rape Case Mine they don’t like me so they’re willing to protect crimes or joining breaking laws My Oral argument which also mentions Joe Tacopina the cunt threat I hope this will be part of documentaries

http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/03/nypd-committed-crimes-my-case-jose.html Eric Garner and I started out as pro se litigants under michael bloomberg, Ray Kelly and Charles Campisi.  I do not say anything wrong to Delita Hooks but Dr Andrew Fagelman treats me like a wife beater blaming me for his employee's violence and the corrupt NYPD did him a favor since he did not fire his violent attack receptionist/office manager.  If I had said anything at a doctor's office or anywhere YOU DON"T GET TO HIT PEOPLE!  I was retaliated against like the Prospect Park Rape Victim, Eric Garner as described in his own words pro se lawsuit - what "it stops today " really means, Kalief Browder, Jose LaSalle etc  How MANY DEAD and our family members dead Erica Garner, Kalief Browder and his Mom, Jose LaSalle's Mom and My Dad died knowing and many of our cases spend years or more any  City does not apologize but lies, obstructs Justice and protects crimes including by NYC gov NYPD IA DA aDAs 

Suzannah B Troy v Liars Zachary Carter NYPD IA City of NY Crimes Guilty (plus I allege Joe Tacopina as Bob Dobalina cunt threat to turn the tables and Chad SEigel who compared NYPD Rape cop Moreno's victim's vagina to a venus fly trap in court was "Charles Ward" on YouTube on Oct 7, 20 12 that there harassment was also witness tampering and when I asked Bob and Charles if they broke the law they deleted their sock pu ppets.  DA and IA have never asked them but I filed ethical complaints against them with the NYS supreme court ethical committee for law yers and the y did not deny they broke the law